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Zheng Shubao on the hospital bed seemed to be asleep, his closed eyelids were loose, and his expression was very peaceful, but his fingers would twitch from time can cinnamon lower your blood sugar to common diabetics drugs time.

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Running his mind power, Wang Yang took a step back, raised his toes and drew a semicircle on the ground, at the same time stretched his common diabetics drugs hands forward to release Gao Xiang, and drew two different handprints between the index fingers of both hands out of thin air.

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When the common diabetics drugs power of thought dissipated, another bloodstain overflowed from the corner of the man's mouth with a square face, as if appointed, he suddenly relaxed his whole body, but his squinting eyes towards Wang Yang were still full of viciousness.

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It's just that he was not so obsessed with them before When his father was entertaining guests below, he diabetes up to date had to watch them for a while pills to control blood sugar.

left! what reason? The remaining six people were shocked again when they heard the old man say that the evil god had left! Now, everyone, including type 2 cure the evil god, knows what the Chinese man outside wants to do, so the safest way at this moment is to continue to leave here and go out without being bewitched by the other party As long as tonight's Haishi is over, there will be no trace of any evil spirits in this factory anymore.

In fact, in type 2 cure Wang Yang's mind, he was already certain that what was recorded in the ancient bamboo slips might be the medication for type 2 diabetes and weight loss ancient and complete Eight Gods Dharma.

However, after Wang Yang saw the skill of Junichiro Qiandao hitting Ouyang Haoxin and the three of them, he already understood that he is definitely a very powerful protector In the case of close combat, even Wang Yang himself did not have the confidence to avoid him.

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What are you trying to say? Wang Yang looked at Yan Pengchao and found that he was common diabetics drugs a little hesitant, as if he was considering whether to say or not.

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It was inconvenient for Wang Yang to tell Xu Yingtian and the others about the specific situation, so he used a friend of his to explain it instead In order to help me, a friend eventually damaged his source of thought power.

Of course she knows the status of Huangjimen in Guangdong Xuanmen, and now she also understands why this bald man dares to be so confident It turns out that there is a person with a very strong background in Huangjimen as the backing If she had recovered to her heyday, she would naturally not be afraid of Huangjimen, but in this situation, she also hesitated.

However, such a serious consequence occurred, but glisten medications for diabetes he did not expect it, and it was beyond his expectation I also wondered, Dong Jianshe's mother passed away normally, was buried normally, and had already made a book in the underworld.

Of If this is the case, then the how to get sugar down problem cannot be truly resolved if the root is not resolved Dong Jianshe's wife! Master Liao frowned, slowly his eyes widened, and he suddenly turned his head to look at Dong Dayuan.

He has almost 100% blind faith in Wang Yang, as if there is no problem that Wang Yang can't solve, Wang Yang is born to create miracles Hearing common diabetics drugs what Wang Yang said, he also breathed a sigh of relief.

These three sharp list of new diabetes medications blades are really sharp, many Xue family children were killed or injured for no reason, so they had no choice but to modify it.

Wang Yang how do I prevent diabetes looked at Du Feng and Du Qiqi with worried and serious faces, and said with a smile It's okay, since I discovered it in advance, there type 2 cure are ways to deal with it In the past two days, he finally understood that Wang Yang was not an ordinary physiognomy teacher.

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As for the Leifeng Pagoda, which was repaired again later, it only had the function of suppressing local Fengshui and supplementing the terrain, and lacked the main function of suppressing evil spirits.

common diabetics drugs

Since you guys are TZD diabetes drugs so interested, I'll bet 100,000 free diabetes medications Walmart good! It just so happens that there are so many guests around now, let them be our witnesses! It's better to be surprised,.

For Wang Yang's rating, I think it's unfair Nangong Yi natural remedies lower blood sugar lowered her head, and had already started to revise her own score, and when revising, she did not forget to explain.

The moment he saw Huang Fei and the elders of the Dragon and Tiger medication for type 2 diabetes and weight loss Sect were all stunned, he knew, the Dragon Tiger faction is settled this time Those elders still couldn't believe it, but Yao Shengjin was not surprised at all.

said Everyone, I'm really sorry, we have already made an appointment, and now we are going to go to the ghost market, so I would like to ask you a lot Forgive me.

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Fortunately, although I had no hope of joining Guangzhou Xuanmen back then, after I left Guangzhou, I also had a chance I met a Fengshui master who traveled all over the world, and I learned a lot of Taoist knowledge and practiced it For the past twenty or thirty years, but, after all, it is because of the limited talent, that is the only achievement now.

In the hearts common diabetics drugs of those disciples, they probably thought that I would deliberately delay the time for you to crack the first mechanism Laughing at herself, Qiu Caixia also sat down cross-legged, opposite to Wang Yang.

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Instead common diabetics drugs of deliberately delaying your time to crack the first layer of organ formation, I will cooperate with you to find out the location of this organ and then Crack it in the shortest possible time.

Because Wawu Mountain is a special geological structure of Zhuozi Mountain, there are more than 70 large and small waterfalls, among which Lanxi Waterfall, Yuanxi Waterfall and Yangxi Waterfall are all over common diabetics drugs 500 meters high, and are the highest ice waterfalls in the world.

In the blink of an eye, the four little ghosts dispersed, one continued to fight Zhao Dongming and the other, and the long term consequences of high blood sugar other attached itself to Huo Jianzhong who was bitten to death.

Shen Bing's thin and haggard face is very abnormal, it is a condition that only occurs when there is a very yin deficiency, and under normal circumstances, it is difficult to form this level of yin deficiency in a short period of time.

That's enough, Fifth, don't say a few words Chen Gui waved his hand, interrupted Chen Chai, and then said Xiao Song has his own sense of proportion, we have to trust him.

Director Gao stepped in, glanced coldly at the four people in the private room, fixed his gaze on Chen Gui and said Mr. Chen Gui, please come with us I? Chen Gui pointed at himself with a look of disbelief.

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Director Gao showed a sneer on his face, took out a blank sheet of paper full of writing, shook it in front of Chen Gui, and said Mr. Da and others you contacted have all been captured by us What more evidence do you need? ordinary! Chen Gui's body softened immediately, and he fell directly on the chair.

He quickly stretched out his right hand, and then held Lance's slightly cold palm common diabetics drugs Please excuse my rudeness, I overheard your conversation just now, I seem to hear, Warner Bros.

This restaurant located in Roberto Gardens on Venice Beach is a traditional Italian restaurant, from the decoration to the menu is full of strong local Italian style, the price is not expensive, but the atmosphere is very comfortable.

calm? go fuck calm! Gao Wen yelled back directly, unable to free diabetes medications Walmart calm down at all, that shameless sissy is useless at all except for sucking men's crotch! Now that he has bullied us, you actually want me to calm down! Grass! The commotion here has attracted the attention of the entire restaurant Jack came out of the wine cellar with red wine and saw the chaotic scene.

He said, my report three days ago will be published in today's issue of New York Times' on, the whole page! The manuscript fee diabetes new meds type 2 has already been paid into my account.

The film festival's own fixed review team will read list of new diabetes medications all the entries and then select the works worthy of shortlisting to ensure the quality of the film festival's works and the variety of themes.

The two of them had a tacit understanding not to continue the discussion, and instead talked about the box office battle in the past two weeks, Harry Potter how to get sugar down and the Chamber of Secrets, which was just how to use Ocotea to control blood sugar released last week, and 007's upcoming premiere this week.

The common diabetics drugs voice was unobtrusive and very polite, but the content of the words was not so gentle, and seemed a bit harsh in the peaceful atmosphere Normally, Lance would not meddle in other people's business.

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However, Lance did not expect that Harvey actually skipped common diabetics drugs the polite part and went straight to the point, simply and neatly, without delay, especially not long ago, Harvey played face-to-face and rejected Lance's City of God, and now Harvey did not have the slightest estrangement, and everything was based on interests.

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outside world, which made everyone on the scene burst into laughter, so everyone has the right to express their opinions on it I just didn't anticipate that so many people would be interested in a film about Brazil.

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George couldn't help laughing, as your work increases, you will need an agent Lance raised the business card in his hand and said with a smile, how to lower blood sugar quickly in emergency type 2 maybe I should diabetes new meds type 2 give him a call.

Lance raised his eyebrows slightly and returned with a raised voice, so, will you be abducted? He actually took me for a fool! Of course not, he is so stupid, he just kept asking for a business card for me, how could I be kidnapped! Emma said angrily, why did she think he was a handsome gentleman? In the first two encounters, he took the initiative to help him.

Four times, so it is estimated that he needs a little time to calm down Lance's pupils narrowed slightly, and he crossed his hands on his knees with a considerate expression Miss Mitchell's work must have been affected The boss is in a bad mood, and the people around him are often the most affected.

because he knows that this is his relative, and this is his most trustworthy support ways to manage diabetes But, long term consequences of high blood sugar it's one thing to help, it's not fair to ask Ian to give up his career for his own.

Each of the four brothers has created their own how to get sugar down world, and Lance knows very well that Ian, who was born in poverty, spent ten years in Silicon Valley, and that belongs to Ian The world also best diabetics medications to lower A1C belongs to Ian's achievements Theo, Gawain and himself were also like this.

What's your opinion? It was obvious that the other party was asked to express their opinions, but the violent tone was clearly a rhetorical question All our concepts are based on real investigations and real data.

Michael suddenly realized a detail the character he came to audition for was Sam, the son of the leading actor Jack, who was only in the twelfth grade this year and was about to go to college Well, Sam should still be a common diabetics drugs teenager, a big boy, and his youthfulness and recklessness should also be taken into account Jack's performance is more relevant, and even Channing's performance is more relevant.

Should he ask the other party to leave ways to manage diabetes his phone number? Or let the other party wait in the small black room on the spot? Or is it pretending to be calm to refuse? Alberg common diabetics drugs turned his head and looked at the two people on the left.

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The voice came from far to near, like a call from an alien, pulling Jessica back to reality from a high altitude When she looked up, she found James' face full of curiosity.

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what does Lancelot Strelo look like? However, I believe that after today's Oscar awards ceremony, people will common diabetics drugs never forget the name Lancelot Strelo.

After closing his eyes and opening them what can you do to prevent diabetes again, he would find that he was still on the subway in New York, taking the late-night train back to Beijing In that tiny apartment in Brooklyn.

Within ten minutes of waiting here for the engraving, the number of people who came to say hello has easily reached double digits Even Clint Eastwood even came over to leave a message of congratulations Such a scene must be completely different from before the award ceremony Not to mention the upcoming Oscar night? Hey Lance A charming voice came from behind Lance turned his head and saw the figure of Diana Rathburn approaching.

Many people were dancing on the dance floor, and hearing the tango melody made people excited, and the dance floor looked very lively However, Keira and Lance's eyes were always locked on each other, as if they were the only two left on the huge dance floor.

You have two options, either tell me why you don't want to go home, and then you take this room card, stay here or take a taxi, tell the driver the address, let him take you back, I will write down the license plate number to ensure your safety Emma looked at Lance in how to get sugar down front of her, and there was a touch of indifference between those clear brows.

With calm eyes, Qian Mingyu stared at the photos on the desktop of going out with his wife when what to do when blood sugar is high diabetes they were young, and couldn't suppress the pride that kept spreading in his heart.

Tang Wenjing talked to herself for common diabetics drugs a long time, only the quiet living room responded to her, and there was no other voice Night and morning are the peak seasons for Lin Zeng's breeders Refining seeds and researching various materials are almost the constant themes of his work.

Lin Zeng Rybelsus pills listened to Jiang Hua's questioning, and how to lower blood sugar quickly in emergency type 2 suddenly thought, maybe the development is slower than in the capital city In Qinghe City, which is slow, he can find this kind of clothing store There are professional pattern-makers on Taobao I happen to have a sewing machine in my hometown Jiang Hua took the matter directly on himself.

Xu Pengxiao picked up Xiaoyuan, and the little guy was holding things in his left and right hands Xiaoyuan refused to let his parents take the sketch of the eleven chapters that Lin Zeng gave him.

To be able to sell such a large number of seedlings in the secret space, the number of crystal source bodies owned by others has already been countless times ahead of him Wei Haihan was disheartened, he just felt that his adventure was just a big taste, and it would be good if he could meet his needs.

Even in the severe winter, wearing this thin cotton coat can fully satisfy the function of keeping warm Especially Jiang Hua's physique who is not too afraid of the cold.

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Although the quadrangle how to use Ocotea to control blood sugar lived in a spacious, bright and comfortable place, it was too far away from the apprentice who was a talented painter.

Xiaoyuan was still recovering in the rehabilitation center during the day, and Xu Pengxiao and Lin Zeng made an appointment to see him at 8 o'clock in the evening.

This part of the information is not covered, and the information mainly tells how to deal with basic issues such as food, clothing, housing and transportation of planting elves How to synthesize Learning Essence? diabetes medications safety Lin Zeng asked Generate data catalog, please space owner to redeem by himself The system lists a list of data directories on the wall.

I really don't know how Liu list of new diabetes medications Mingzheng, who has always been rational, fell into this trap of defrauding money and killing people, so he told him excitedly with plausible reasoning Lang Ziang is slightly common diabetics drugs younger than Liu Mingzheng, and his face is also youthful.

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Common Diabetics Drugs ?

The initial work is not complicated, and the core is nothing more than handing over the soul dancers to the most needy autistic patients for planting.

A year later, a thunderbolt came from the blue sky, and it was learned that the child was suffering from an incurable disease and could not take care of himself for life For medical expenses, he gritted his teeth and went type 2 cure into business.

He is nearly eighty years old, and his physical strength is good now, and he does not feel tired after walking on the street all morning He actually has hidden worries in his heart.

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Even those people who medication for type 2 diabetes and weight loss knew Lin Zeng would associate this matter with Lin Zeng, and temporarily put aside their doubts because of this buffer period Lin Zeng's most important job every day is to spend two to three hours practicing the construction of plant space.

You, what, when, Hou, have, empty, we, please, you, eat, meal Little sister Zhao Aidang natural remedies lower blood sugar obviously typed up this passage long ago, and played it word list of new diabetes medications by word in front of Lin Zeng Although Liu Han and Zhao Aidang have been working for a year, Lin Zeng still treats them as younger brothers and sisters.

Because Boss Lin has the attributes of a hands-off shopkeeper, Pan Ruoming started looking for senior management personnel to manage the urban farm at No 90 East Street a few months ago After Lin Zeng proposed, Pan Ruoming told Lin Zeng about several management candidates he was currently common diabetics drugs in contact with Before he could finish his name, Lin Zeng waved his hand to stop him It's up to you to decide, I trust your vision The subtext is that such trivial matters annoy me Even with Pan Ruoming's personality, he wanted to roll his eyes at Lin Zeng.

Pang Yunlan felt chills all over her body, and for a moment, she remembered that when she accompanied her eldest daughter-in-law to undergo artificial abortion, the doctor in the private hospital who was still her junior told her how to perform curettage when she was 10-14 weeks pregnant She suddenly understood that her retribution had arrived Her mind was suddenly clearer than ever before.

There are few pedestrians on the suburban road, the forest Zeng couldn't help speeding up the car, and arrived at the gate of Wine Valley in less common diabetics drugs than fifteen minutes.

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It stands to reason that what we reclaim are all old fields that common diabetics drugs have been planted by predecessors, and have been carefully cultivated I have taken care of it, but I still find it troublesome to plant some crops.

List Of New Diabetes Medications ?

However, during this period of time, Jiang diabetes treatment for type 2 Hua felt that her Baowang seemed a little weird Every morning, I go out early and return late, and I Rybelsus pills am extremely busy.

Zhao Aifei stared wide-eyed, looking at the thick emerald green lotus leaf with obvious veins, floating to Zhao best diabetics medications to lower A1C Aijun's feet Zhao Aijun moved the artificial limb, stepped on the lotus leaf, and flew towards him The speed is very fast, in the blink of an eye, you are at the bedside.

In the blink of an eye, he flew to the balcony, then flew from the balcony to the living room, common diabetics drugs and from the living room to the kitchen.

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But this water area called the fighting pool obviously did not maintain this constant temperature Alan Ethridge paddled a few times in the water to adapt to the lower water best herbal medicines for diabetes temperature here At this moment, he saw a silvery fish swimming towards him with its tail and fins waving free diabetes medications Walmart gracefully.

They are different varieties of crispy beets, common diabetics drugs with different tastes, sweetness, and rich leaf juice, but they are all very suitable for eating with barbecue slices I do not recommend that you buy a house with a larger area in common diabetics drugs the suburbs.

Even on weekdays, many people specially ask for annual leave to come to this city farm, which is highly praised by friends, to stay and relax.

Sometimes, based on the experience of three months of observation, he would guess what best diabetics medications to lower A1C kind of plant space this old lilac will eventually form? In his guess, the possibility of forming a plant mother and baby room is unlikely.

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Without the decision of the Haibei Municipal People's Congress, you can't do diabetes up to date anything to me, and what what to do when blood sugar is high diabetes law have I violated? If you dare to treat me like this, aren't you afraid of how do I prevent diabetes being held accountable afterwards? If you take responsibility, will you be punished? Comrade Song Dexiang, as I said just now, I am not a staff member of the Haibei.

Mayor Feng, are you looking for me? Well, if you have time, I would like to talk to you Seeing Wang Bengui with list of new diabetes medications a simple and honest face, Feng Sizhe asked with a smile.

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Even Liu Zhiguo, Zou Min, and Zhao Dongshun didn't know what to say at diabetes medications safety this moment They really didn't expect Feng Sizhe to play this game.

This is the most well-proportioned body shape, and some girls couldn't diabetes new meds type 2 help screaming These screams drew all the partygoers to them.

For the sake of the local people, what to do when blood sugar is high diabetes what a great spirit and ideal this is Mayor Wei, after hearing this speech, I think you are really great.

Don't look at Jia Zhengyi's words are so pleasant, in fact, Feng Sizhe knows very well that this person came here under the banner of helping himself, but in fact he wanted to make a big deal of his own affairs, isolate himself, and disrupt the politics of Haibei City The how to reduce blood glucose pattern makes everyone hate themselves.

This move was planned by someone behind the scenes, and the person who planned this was Hai Ren, another leader of the Hai Gang who had been on the run.

Doesn't my aunt work in the Central Propaganda Department? And in the Central Propaganda Department, she has a boss common diabetics drugs who always harass her for nothing, which is very annoying, so I thought you could say hello and transfer this person out of the Central Propaganda Department's cadre department? Feng Sizhe laughed and explained why he called.

Sitting in a large four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, with the best herbal medicines for diabetes driver Li Shuang and secretary Chen Guangming, Feng Sizhe started a research trip to the county that others thought would not last long This time Feng Sizhe came here with the idea of finding out the situation glisten medications for diabetes and landforms of all the counties in Lianhua City.

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The car stopped at the entrance of the Lotus Hotel, Feng Sizhe glanced at the hotel, turned to Ren Yingying and said, Yingying, you should be wronged first, and stay here, this is already the best hotel in Lotus City, what can you do to prevent diabetes although the environment It can't be compared with Kyoto, but it's not bad.

Mayor Wang, thanks to the fact that you are still the deputy mayor in charge of a city's education and the dignified director of the Education Bureau, don't you know that there is a It's raining, don't you know that these little kids are getting drenched in the rain? Don't you know that if this goes on, these children will catch a cold and have a fever, and even cause more serious consequences? But you actually sit here and don't ask or talk, but forcefully ask to continue.

Then, after watching Xia Xiang leave his office, he sighed and returned to his desk common diabetics drugs Looking at Wang Xibo's caller number, he sighed again and dialed it.

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As soon as Tong Qing introduced himself to Feng Sizhe, he hurriedly walked two steps, came to the opposite of Feng Sizhe and said, Mayor Feng, hello, I have known you for a long time, it is a great honor to meet you today.

When I came to Lianhua City, I wanted to do something sincerely for this place I wanted to change how to self control blood sugar the poverty and backwardness of this place, so all my thoughts are devoted to this matter now.

Think about calling him and claiming to be Chen Guangming The secretary's voice sounds alike, but if you listen carefully, you can tell that it's not the same person.

Compared with Fu Di, Chen Guangming's treatment would be better He was interrogated by a section chief, but his level was about the same as Chen Guangming's now.

How To Get Sugar Down ?

Seeing that it was Chen Hu wearing a police uniform Pushing open the door and entering, he couldn't playfully say, yo, Lao Chen, don't mention it, you look very energetic in this outfit Hehe, it looks like Secretary Chen, you common diabetics drugs haven't suffered much.

The last time Feng Sizhe had a lot of trouble with the incident in Haibei, Luo Zhonghan, secretary of the provincial party committee, didn't play a very good role in it.

Of course Bei Jinlong would not let go of such an opportunity, he raised his hand and raised his gun to shoot When he shot, Feng Sizhe suddenly jumped to the left, and a donkey rolled and flew towards another trough not far to the left.

Last time, Feng Sizhe saved herself and was shot, so this time it's time for her to stand up, she can't always hide behind others Ren Yingying walked over first, staring at the leading police officer The police officer didn't take Ren Yingying seriously at all To him, such a girl was nothing to be afraid of So regarding what Ren type 2 cure Yingying said, he raised his head high, as if he how to self control blood sugar didn't hear it.

Based on his grandfather's relationship, people in the general military will still give A bit of face, but the sudden appearance of the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee is not normal The case has not yet been determined, and according to the usual practice, the Provincial Party diabetes up to date Committee will not intervene.

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At the same time, it was announced that Xu Yongcheng, the former deputy director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, was appointed as the executive deputy mayor of Lianhua City, and Niu how to reduce blood glucose Ben, the former secretary-general of the Lianhua medications that lower blood sugar City.

After leaving the office of these two leaders, Feng Sizhe blood sugar a little high pregnant and Xia Xiang I just bowed my head and didn't say too much, there was too much communication.

Fortunately, I knew beforehand that Wang Zerong was from the Guo family, so it was much easier to deal with, and he would just say more things that were beneficial to the Guo family when he was talking Thinking of this, Feng Sizhe common diabetics drugs still pretended to be surprised and said, what? How did Mayor Wang know these things.

At the same time, he worked very hard and was very cautious Finally, his work status was recognized by Feng Sizhe, and he could common diabetics drugs finally change his name to Feng Sizhe's boss.

He wanted to squint for a while, but as soon as he closed his eyes, he seemed to be common diabetics drugs able to see Li Shuang, watching Li Shuang being beaten badly, Calling the boss for help Suddenly a real voice sounded, and Feng Sizhe was startled when he heard someone calling him boss.